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Who We Are

Experience in renovating and building has been built up over more than 40 years. We share our projects and experience to help with your DIY projects


What We Stand For

Hi, I’m Martin

I’m a builder and know just how important it is to be equipped with knowledge and  the right tools to get a job done. I’ll give you information so you’re confident to make the best decisions for the jobs you’re doing.


It can be tough deciding which is the best way to go about work that needs doing; that’s where I come in. Check out our step by step guides.


Whether you’re a weekend warrior in the garden, updating a bathroom or tiling we’re here to help with advice and pro tips for a successful outcome.


And we’ll show you the tools you’ll need so that you’re well prepped and show you why we choose particular brands for a job.

Best for your renovations,


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