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We solve problems in the building industry

Who We Are

Martin and his team have more than 40 experience in building and renovating. We share their projects and experience to help with your DIY projects. You’ll find ideas for your home renovations and ways to add value to your property.

how to paint the area that's been patched to match existing wall

Hi, I’m Martin

I’ve been asked so many times by clients over the years how can they save money on their renovations.


People have different levels skill and experience so the projects and fixes on this site won’t all be for everyone. But I’ll show you how I do things and there may be some ideas for your reno or next diy project.


I’m a builder and know how important it is to be equipped with knowledge and the right tools to get a job done. I’ll give you the info so you’re confident to make the best decisions for the jobs you’re doing.


It can be tough deciding which is the best way to go about work that needs doing; that’s where I come in. Check out our step-by-step guides and I’ll show you the way I tackle problems.


Whether you’re a weekend warrior in the garden, updating a bathroom or tiling we’re here to help with advice and pro tips for a successful outcome.


And we’ll show you the tools you’ll need so that you’re well-prepped. Where we have a preference, we’ll explain why we choose a particular brand for a job.


Safety First: Kit up! Use gloves when needed, always protect your eyes, wear a dust mask  and ear protection when needed, and safety boots. Use safety gear available and be aware of danger to keep yourself and those around you in one piece.  Tools are dangerous when not used correctly. As a DIYer you’re working on a ‘building site’ so stay alert. See disclaimer here

We love what we do and are proud of the information we post to our website, our videos and courses. Some of the information we supply, if used incorrectly, could lead to injury to both you and/or those around you. We are not responsible for any use you make of the information we supply. You only have one body, so look after it and stay safe…


All the best for your renovations,


What We Stand For

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