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How to Incorporate Brick Arches into an Outdoor Entertaining Area

Building an arch takes time but worth every ounce of effort.

I’ll go through the process step by step.

A template is a formwork that is cut into the shape of an arch. This is used to take the weight of the bricks as you lay them in the shape of the arch. Once the bricks are mortared into place the template is removed.

  1. a template needs to be cut out of ply
  2. drive a small nail into the centre of the radius on your piece of ply
  3. using a piece of string and a pencil scribe a semicircle. 
  4. use a a jigsaw to cut the semicircle ,then use that ply semicircle as a template and cut another. You’ll have two.   
  5. separate them with a piece pine stud
  6. Using a square make sure they line up and then nail together
  7. use this arch template  to rest the bricks on, use wedges to lift the ply arch up first so when you have gone over with the bricks you can drop the arch and move it forward ,space bricks evenly.

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