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Create a Natural Landscape design with Irregular Paving with Sandstone

What is Crazy Paving?

Think the streets of Ipanema, Rotterdam or Melbourne. The eclectic jagged paving. It’s iconic and its epic. Crazy pave uses recycled sandstone that’s normally thrown away to add exceptional character to any pathway. Think mosaic tiling- that’s crazy pave!


What is Crazy Pave made from?

Crazy paving is made from Sandstone sheets of flat 30mm thick sandstone varying shapes and sizes. They’re all different sizes because they are the off-cuts from the factory where sandstone tiles are cut. There’s nothing wrong with the pieces. NB: They are not a paver so they have to be glued down to a solid flat base.

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Tools & Materials

Trade Tips

  • Use a really good quality paint brush and roller
  • Don’t use haphazard strokes when using a roller. Use long even rolling strokes.
  • Add Mold and Mildew inhibitor to the paint
  • Between coats of paint, place your roller and brush in separate plastic bags and tie the bags at the top. This stops the roller and brush from drying out.
  • Wash your brushes outside on the grass. Don’t wash them in the sink, it’s not good for the environment.

The How To

Step 7

Apply second coat, repeating steps 4 to 6.


Step 8

When you’ve finished painting and paint is totally dry,  carefully remove the blue painters tape and clean up.


Step 9

Clean brushes and rollers, using a hose, outside on the grass. Don’t wash brushes out in the sink.

Paint has dried, time to remove blue protective tape from wall

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