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Are you tired of looking at your vanity and seeing the discolouration marks and dirty mouldy silicone?

 Do you keep putting off calling the plumber because you’re worried about the expense it’ll set you back? Well stop fretting, because this is an easy ‘do it yourself’ job.

Simply follow the step by step guide below to refresh your tired vanity.

Tools and materials

The Recipe

Step 1

Remove all old silicone and debris from beneath the tiles using a Stanley knife. This is the area where tiles meet the bench top,

Caution: The blade is very sharp. Always exercise care.

Step 3


Make sure the area is thoroughly dry before applying silicone as the product will not adhere to a wet or damp surface. If you’re not quite sure if the area is totally dry, wipe with a tissue or gently use a hair dryer to make certain the area is dry.

Step 3

Snip the end of your silicone gun nozzle at a 45 degree angle.

Step 4

Squeeze the silicone out along the old silicone line making sure you push the silicone right into the gaps. Don’t leave any air pockets.

Step 5

Take your spray bottle and add a small amount (approx. 1tablespoon) of detergent and water and give the bottle a shake. Spray generously over the silicone you’ve just applied. The detergent acts in such a way that when excess silicone is cleaned away it won’t stick to the tiles or the benchtop,

Step 6

Take the paddle pop stick and swipe it over the silicone that has been applied and then scrape the excess onto the cardboard.

This naturally forces the silicone into the join to leave a nice sharp finish. Go over the area a couple of times if needed.

There will be quite a bit of excess silicone scraped on to the cardboard.


Don’t get silicone on your hands as it’s very sticky and messy.

Step 7

Leave silicone to dry for 24 hours. We want the job to set properly so it can last a long time to come.

There you have it! You’ve quickly and easily removed the gunky old silicone from the sink and years gone by and refreshed it at a fraction of the cost you’d pay if you had to call a plumber or tiler … and it was fun learning.

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