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How to Install a Channel Drain in Concrete

Tools you will need wheelbarrow shovel level hammer saw to cut pipe and box drain, a crowbar or jack-hammer if the digging gets hard Materials on this job were 6 x 1 mt lengths of trench drain 3 x 6 mt lengths of 90mm PVC drainage pipe PVC glue and cleaner 4 x 20 kg

How to Change a Leaky Tap Washer

There are a few reasons why a tap leaks. The most common reason is that the tap washer is worn out The seat of the tap is damaged  There’s a build up of something and the tap needs reseating. Reseating simply means shaved back to make it flat so the tap washer when it is

How to Build Concrete Sleeper Stairs

DIY garden stairs using precast concrete treads (also known as concrete sleepers) How to build garden steps on a slope Mixing the concrete to set the stair treads into How to build the riser for the stair tread This is the side-on view of the garden steps Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.

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