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A Heavy-Duty Vacuum Cleaner is a Must Have for Renovation Jobsites

by Paul February 2021 Keeping your work site organized, clean and tidy maximises your efficiency and safety on site. This is why having a heavy-duty, industrial vacuum cleaner on hand is your biggest asset. Whether you intend to buy or hire, to choose the best jobsite vacuum cleaner you need to ask yourself a series

DIY Mortar Mix or How to Mix Mortar by Hand

Combine 4 level shovels of ‘brickies loam’ with 1 level shovel of builders cement in your wheelbarrow. The mortar ratio 4:1 can be multiplied out depending on the quantity you need

How To Revive a Vanity Area with Silicone Sealant

Finest Flooring Service for Every Living Space & Style Are you tired of looking at your vanity and seeing the discolouration marks and dirty mouldy silicone?  Do you keep putting off calling the plumber because you’re worried about the expense it’ll set you back? Well stop fretting, because this is an easy ‘do it yourself’

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