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Cordless Battery Lawn Mowers

The warm weather is approaching, and your attention is naturally drawn to your garden, all of the flower and plant maintenance required, and all of those home projects you have been thinking about and planning to commence. But what about your lawn, and what’s the best way to keep it maintained when it starts to

Martin mixing mortar to use to lay bricks
How to

How to Mix Mortar by Hand

Combine 4 level shovels of ‘brickies loam’ with 1 level shovel of builders cement in your wheelbarrow. The mortar ratio 4:1 can be multiplied out depending on the quantity you need


Recaulking, Silicone Sealant and The Simple Success Tool

Have you been holding off calling the plumber because you’re worried about the cost of recaulking? Is your moldy bathroom countertop overdue for an update? Well, worry no more as updating your old vanity is a simple do-it-yourself project. Follow this step-by-step guide with my secret to recaulking. We recommend products based on our experience

inspecting peeling paint on the ceiling

Peeling Paint on Ceilings – What are the Causes?

The most common reason for cracking and peeling paint on ceilings is poor surface preparation. However moisture, age and sunlight are also possible causes. The 6 reasons for peeling paint on the ceiling Primer undercoat wasn’t applied to the bare board. The first coat of paint was sprayed on. Perhaps the painter didn’t clean off

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